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Indian Highways

Here are some of the most famous challenging trucking routes in India which the Indian truck drivers have to cover in order to deliver their cargo.

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National Highway 34 (NH34)

The route which stretches from Kolkata to Siliguri joining NH31 is one of the busiest of trucking routes covering major cities and towns in West Bengal. The route crosses the River Churni near Ranaghat, Jalangi River near Krishnanagar, the Bhagirathi near Beharampur and the Ganges over the Farakka Barrage.


Road congestion, few rough stretches.

Kotdwar - Dehradun bypass

Kotdwar situated 395m above sea level at the foothills of the Shivalik range is one of the most important commercial centre in Uttarkhand, which is why many trucks need to cover this route to deliver their goods.


Mountainous with dangerous bends, Needs careful steering and control, congestion due to popularity of the route amongst tourists.

Jammu Srinagar Highway National Highway 1A (NH 1A)

This route is a part of NHA1 and is a 300km highway that connects Jammu to Srinagar and connects the Kashmir valley to the rest of the country. Essential supplies like food grains are often delivered to the regions by truckers.


A high alert zone due to terrorist activity, travelling in extreme winter conditions with heavy snowfall, often parts of the highway are closed during winter months due to snowfall, landslide and avalanches.

Nathu La Pass

The only route that connects Sikkim to China and is considered to be one of the vital routes which act as a trade link to China. The pass is situated 4310 meters above sea level - one of the highest trucking routes in the country.


Extremely dangerous mountainous regime, heavy snowfall in winter, landslides in monsoon months, lack of infrastructure like availability of water and resting places.

Rohtang Pass

Located 3,979 meters above sea level on the Eastern part of the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas this route is frequently used by truck drivers who transport essential daily needs of the people living in these region from the valleys to their towns apart from construction materials.


Traffic congestion, dangerous bends and curves, sudden closures due to snowfall and landslides, slushy roads.

Pune-Mumbai Expressway

This is considered to be is India's first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled 94.5 km expressway which connects Mumbai to Pune. This is considered to be one of the busiest of roads in India. It also connects the cities of Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Hubli and Bangalore to Mumbai facilitating transport of cargo to these regions.


Accident prone zone due to reckless driving, frequent robberies, landslides due to heavy rains in monsoon months.

Kinnaur Road

Kinnaur being one of the twelve administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh is frequented by trucks regularly for transfer of cargo. This scenic road over the Bapsa River with its dangerous curves is considered to be one of the most challenging routes covered by Indian truck drivers.


Narrow and deadly curves, frequent landslides, closed during snowfall, jagged mountain edges.

Munnar Road

The numerous tea estates across the Munnar region make it a popular trucking route in India where trucks are used to transport tea leaves from the estates through Munnar road to the rest of the country. However this road is full of challenges for the drivers


High slopes with frequent twists and turns, narrow passes with dangers of toppling over.

National Highway 22 (NH 22)

The NH 22 runs from Ambala through Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh till Khab on the Tibet border. This road which cuts through the mountains and passes through cliffs and tunnels is considered to be one of the most challenging routes covered by truck drivers.


Hazardous roads, poorly maintained, dangerous twists.

Zoji La Pass

At an altitude of approximately 3,528 metres above sea level, Zoji La Pass is frequented by oil tankers and trucks and connects Leh - Ladhak to Kashmir valley. From getting stuck awaiting cattle to cross to crossing rocky slopes truck drivers face many challenges while crossing this pass.


Frightfully narrow, mostly covered in snow, narrow rocky slopes.