Carving out and defending their turf
whether on the track or off it.

Why The Team Name

It's a battlefield out there in the world of automobiles, more so in commercial vehicles. Every dealer worth his while packs the strength to carve out his turf and safeguard it with all the power at his disposal. In other words, he is a true warrior... much like the truck racing driver for whom every race is nothing short of war. Indeed, for him, the finishing line symbolises not just victory but a territory conquered. No wonder, their team's branding so aptly describes their guts and their fighting spirit: Dealer Warriors.

Dealer Details

Sl no. Dealer Name Dealership City
1 Ranjana Bansal Ashok Auto Sales Agra
2 Rishi Dada Dada Motors Ludhiana
3 Sanjay Passi Pasco Motors Gurgaon
4 Divas Gupta Motor & General Sales Lucknow
5 Rajveer Singh SJS Motors Meerut
6 Gurinderjit  Libra Libra Auto Hoshiarpur
6 Sanjay Bhandari Bhandari Automobiles Kolkata
7 Diloo Parikh Mithila Motors Jamshedpur
8 Jayant Nanda Cargo Motors Ahmedabad
9 Prafulla Kale Jaika Motors Nagpur
10 Sumanth Badiga Jasper Industries Hyderabad
11 Kishore Rao/ Arjun Rao Arvind Motors Bangalore
12 Ajay Garg Excel Vehicles Pune
13 Neeraj Agarwal Agarwal Motors Satna
14 Satish Ghatge Chetan Motors Kolhapur
15 Sandeep Jatia French Motor Co Kolkata
16 S. K. Jain Veerptabhu Marketing Jodhpur
17 Ilangovan Abi and Abi Motors Tanjore
18 P Tamilselvam Vetri Motors Madurai
19 S S Subbu LRN Motors Salem